Do you know that only $75 could provide a day of care this Christmas for someone facing a terminal illness or in need of essential respite?

Waipuna Hospice nurses and the family support team generously give their time during the busy festive season to be there. Providing essential support and care to ensure patients and families enjoy those special moments with loved ones, during the toughest moments. As the holiday season nears I’m reminded how lucky we are to have such a supportive community. It’s through the support of people like you, that Waipuna Hospice can provide crucial care and support for those facing a life-limiting illness and their families this festive season. Thank you.

Almost every day, someone tells us how Waipuna Hospice has made a difference for their family. I’d like to tell you a story about how your donations support Waipuna Hospice and why they matter. It was Easter last year when Keith’s health began to decline. Keith remembers, “it was originally treated as an accident. They thought me falling over while I was conducting the choir was a fall. So initially there was some doubt about what was really happening.” Keith’s wife Betty recalls, “Keith had had a small stroke and was rushed to hospital.” Not long after his stroke, Keith was diagnosed with terminal prostate cancer.

The diagnosis changed Keith’s life. He lost his independence, along with his social life. As a passionate organist and piano player, Keith’s life revolved around his music. “Every Sunday morning I played the organ at St Andrew’s church, but I haven’t done that in a while because of my illness. After church a group of us would go to a local café to socialise over a cup of tea.” Nowadays Keith struggles to make it through church, forgoing his social outings to come home for much needed rest. Strong medications restrict Keith from driving and his ability to go to church. Waipuna Hospice provide drivers as well as companionship, allowing people in our community to live their lives fully.

I think you’ll agree Christmas is a time that nobody should feel isolated and alone, facing one of the scariest and stressful time of their life.

We know that it’s never an easy time to cope with losing a loved one, but, for many terminally ill patients and their loved ones, Christmas can be unbearably hard. That’s why this year, with your incredible generosity, we want to provide the best possible support this festive season.

Keith and Betty have adult children, who have flown the nest and have their own little families scattered around the globe. They spend their Christmas together at home content in the knowledge that they have the support of Waipuna Hospice, should they need it. Betty says, “they’re always at the other end of the phone when you ring and you can get advice. They ring us fairly regularly just to see how things are going and I always think it’s wonderful that they do that.”

Keith adds, “we’re delighted to have the medical care from hospice and the nurses are willing to have me stay for a week of hospice respite care to give Betty a break and just to give her a rest really.” This story is not only about Keith. As Keith’s wife of 64 years, Betty’s life changed significantly. All of a sudden she was not only Keith’s wife, but his caregiver. With no medical background she felt out of her depth and developed a rash, which was soon diagnosed as an outcome of the anxiety she was experiencing. She was put in touch with Waipuna Hospice to provide her much-needed relief. Keith says, “at first I wasn’t sure about going to hospice. But it wasn’t like hospital at all. The care was so personal.” Betty was able to relax knowing that Keith was well taken care of and in good hands. Keith felt the warmth and genuine compassion and care.

This is why I ask you, please donate to help us support others who feel stressed, anxious, or lonely and don’t have family close to them during the festive season, so they’re not alone. Waipuna hospice believes that nobody should die alone.

By donating to Waipuna Hospice you will be providing essential care and support to people in our community this festive season. Thank you for supporting Waipuna Hospice.

Yours Sincerely

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Richard Thurlow – Waipuna Hospice CEO

PS – We can’t thank you enough for your donation. Every dollar counts and your donation goes a long way in providing care and support for people like Keith and Betty. You can make a Christmas donation, by completing the secure web form below.  Thank you for caring.


  • Gift a day of care for $75
  • Gift two days of care for $150
  • Gift a week of care for $525
  • Gift a month of care for $2100
  • Or choose the value of you gift. No amount is too small in helping provide care for people in our community who are terminally ill and support services for their families.

Donations over $5 may quality for a tax rebate – THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT.


If you have any questions or would like more information, please email

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