Our social workers specialise in working with adults who are approaching the end of their life, as well as their families, those they are close to and their communities. We use particular skills and knowledge to help people to deal with the impact of what is happening to them, including loss and bereavement, which includes having a good life and a good death. We work in partnership with those or the people we offer support to. We are able to work alongside other professions, agencies, organisations and as part of the wider community in which we are based. We bring social care expertise and perspective to situations in order to ensure that people get the support they need.

This may include:

  • Access to community and social support networks and resources.
  • Knowledge of your entitlements
  • How to manage financially
  • Housing including residential care placement
  • Advocacy, e.g. with Work and Income
  • Legal aspects, e.g. making a will and setting up powers of attorney
  • Funeral planning
  • Family meetings
  • Exploring options for immediate needs and long term planning, e.g. advance care planning


Caregiver Support Group

A time for caregivers to connect, share and refresh over afternoon tea. Held on the first and third Monday of every month from 1.30 pm – 3.00 pm in the Atrium, Day Services Area at Waipuna Hospice. Please note that a volunteer to sit with your loved one and transport to and from hospice can…

A-ha! Moments

This is a two session workshop where you use materials to create a visual biography, a board depicting memories of special times in your life. You don’t need any artistic skills, it’s all about you, your story, your journey and the “A-ha!” moments along the way. We invite you to bring a helper (partner, grandchild,…

Kaiwhakamaru Kaiāwhina

We are committed to engaging with family and whanau, understanding cultural differences, rituals and practices in order to make the experience of every patient and their loved ones, memorable, respectful, complete. In 2016 Tina Parata took up the role of Kaiwhakamaru Kaiāwhina, meaning protector of the person (client/patient) and of the knowledge (Maori cultural practices…

Riding the Grief Wave – Bereavement Support Course

Over eight weeks, meet other individuals and families and with the support of our Counsellors, understand and navigate the wave of grief and loss. Families who are currently under our care – or have been, no matter how long ago – are welcome to participate. Dates for 2018: 21st Aug – 9th October and 23rd…

Play Therapy

Sadly, many of our patients are mums and dads with young families. Part of our service is providing specialist support for children, throughout the time of care and beyond. Facing loss and grief can be hard at any age and children often have difficulty expressing in words how they feel and how experiences are affecting…

Meaning Centred Group Programme

“Life never ceases to have meaning.” This small group programme offers the opportunity for patients facing similar challenges to explore concepts of meaning in a safe, supported environment.  Trained Meaning Centred group facilitators Debbie Penlington and Colleen Kendrick were trained at the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Centre in New York. The group will explore: Identity…

Normalising Grief Seminar

To help bring understanding to the grief process. Held at Waipuna Hospice from 10.00am – 12.30 pm, on the following Thursdays: July 26th Aug 23rd Sep 20th Oct 18th Nov 22nd Refreshments provided.   Please register your interest in a seminar by contacting Deb Short on (07) 552 4380 Ext 317 or email Deb at –…