Thank you for volunteering for our Remembrance Tree Appeal
Here is some information covering what you can expect on the day.

The purpose of the appeal is to allow a space for people in our community to write a personal message on the Christmas tags provided, to a loved one they have lost (or for someone who can’t be with them at Christmas). This is then placed on the tree and a donation is given in exchange. Your role is to collect donations, help the public write a message for the tree, be a friendly face, and from time to time be a listening ear.

Waipuna Hospice holds a Remembrance Service in the New Year at which the messages are blessed and buried beneath the remembrance tree on the hospice grounds. This service is open to you and the public to attend. This date hasn’t been set yet but will be notified to the public through our social media channels and in our Newsletter.

Each site will have a Site Coordinator and their contact information will be available to you on the day that you will be collecting, they will be your first point of call on the day shift to answer any further questions or concerns you may have. If by chance you are unable to contact them, and have a more urgent question, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with Blaire (her details are at the bottom of this).

If you are the first shift to arrive, you will see a Christmas tree and Waipuna Hospice counter setup. Your Site Coordinator may also be there to greet you. While we endeavour to have two volunteers per shift for you to have someone to talk to and help, this is dependent upon getting enough volunteers per shift and will always check in with you to check if you would be ok to collect on your own. We will provide information packs, hand sanitiser, wipes and a rubbish bag to keep you and the public safe.

Some tips while collecting:

Please do:
– Make eye contact
– Wish people a good day
– Smile
– Be friendly

Please do not:
– Shake the bucket
– Leave the donation bucket unattended
– Be unfriendly
– Stand behind the Waipuna Hospice counter

The Christmas tree and stand can stay left up all day and overnight. If you are on the last shift for the day your Site Coordinator will meet you at the end of your shift to take the donations collected from the day from you for banking. Please note that according to Waipuna Hospice’s Cash Handling Policy, there is no change to be given from the donation box.

We request that you report to the site on time in consideration of the volunteer before you; those finishing their shift should wait a few extra minutes to hand it over.

We do ask that, if possible, you stand for your shift in front of the Waipuna Hospice stand as this creates more opportunities for conversation with those walking past you. We have chairs available if you are unable to stand for the two-hour shift.

Once again, thank you for giving your time to help Waipuna Hospice support those facing end-of-life and bereavement. We are extremely grateful to you.

Blaire Moore
07 552 4380 ext. 315 | 027 382 0541 |