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Thank you for your interest in supporting Waipuna Hospice. We are grateful for your visit to this site which is a Work in Progress as we transition from our previous website. We realise that we still have a lot of information to bring across, so please click here if you cannot find the information you are seeking on this website, and you will immediately go to our previous website which is still being updated for visitor use.

The Mount Everest Challenge

We are delighted to be the chosen beneficiary from this year’s MORE FM Mount Everest Challenge. If you’re thinking about joining up or to find out more, click on the button below. If you’re not wanting to do the challenge yourself personally, you can always join a team and contribute to their team total, or sponsor another participant and follow them on their Everest journey.

Donate via Givealittle


Waipuna Hospice provides specialist medical services, nursing care and support to people living with an illness for which cure is no longer an option. We care for patients and their families living in Tauranga and the Western Bay of Plenty.