Waipuna Hospice volunteers are a very important part of our service and we would not be able to operate without them.

Specially trained and supervised volunteers provide a wide range of support services to patients and families, both in the home, and at Waipuna Hospice. They are a special part of the Waipuna Hospice team and provide the helping link between the professional staff and patients and family members.

Responsibility of a Volunteer

To make a serious commitment, in the spirit of partnership, to enhance the support and care given by the Hospice to patients and their families. Volunteers are deeply appreciated at Waipuna Hospice and in return we offer an opportunity for a person to truly make a difference.

What we look for in a volunteer

  • Healthy motivation for wanting to work with Waipuna Hospice
  • Genuine care for people, and ability to show warmth
  • Non-judgemental attitude
  • Respect for others’ beliefs, especially spiritual
  • Ability to respect confidences
  • Good communication skills
  • Emotional maturity
  • Willingness to learn and accept guidance
  • Sense of humour
  • Healthy attitude towards own mortality
  • High self esteem
  • Dependability
  • Sensitivity and awareness
  • Ability to work well in a team situation
  • Flexibility

Volunteer Roles

There is a wide range of opportunities to volunteer and many involve no direct patient contact.

Shop Assistants

our Hospice Shops sell used furniture, clothing and household items and play an important part in providing revenue to fund Waipuna Hospice. They are staffed almost entirely by volunteers.

Depot Assistants

sort and price donated items in preparation for sale.

Fundraising Support

volunteers give invaluable assistance to Hospice fundraising initiatives by providing man power, making telephone calls, staffing appeal tables etc.


A team of keen gardeners (no experience necessary) meet regularly at the Hospice. They prune, weed, and plant to ensure the maintenance of our beautiful grounds. Followed by a morning tea to share, meet, and chat with other gardening volunteers and staff.

Car valets

Volunteers check and clean Hospice owned cars on a weekly basis to ensure safe and reliable transport for the nurses visiting patients in the community.

Patient Meals

Volunteers assist our cook with the serving of weekday lunchtime meals to patients staying in our Inpatient Unit. They also help with restocking the kitchen areas at the hospice to ensure these areas are ready for use by both families and staff. Occasionally we have a need for a meal, either frozen of fresh, that could be delivered to a patient/family. Volunteers can offer to prepare these when required.

Community Visitors

These volunteers visit patients and their families in their homes. It may mean sitting with a patient to relieve the caregiver and offering companionship. No nursing care or housework is undertaken. Training is provided and support from staff given.


Trained volunteers assist patients to record their life stories. The volunteers then transcribe the recordings and organise a printed biography as a keepsake for the patient and their family.

Massage Therapists

Skilled and experienced massage therapists work on a rostered basis providing massage to patients and their families at the Hospice.

Reception & Administrative Support

computer literate volunteers provide assistance to our receptionist by dealing with queries, answering the telephone and helping with administrative tasks.


volunteer drivers assist with transportation of patients to doctors’ appointments, the weekly Hospice Day Programme, supermarket shopping etc.

Other Roles

Laundry delivery, handyman services, window cleaners, hospitality.

Volunteer Training

Various levels of training are given depending on the role a volunteer is interested in taking on:

  1. The initial two hour orientation training qualifies volunteers to work within the hospice environment. This work could include administrative support, serving meals in the Inpatient unit, helping with gardening, car-cleaning or working in one of the hospice shops.
  2. Volunteers wishing to work independently with patients in their homes are required to undergo further training. This is usually run over three mornings or evenings and includes topics such as self-awareness; loss, grief and bereavement; cultural awareness; family dynamics; listening and communication skills.
  3. Additional training is required for volunteers wishing to work as Biographers.

If you are interested in volunteering for Waipuna Hospice please complete the application form below.

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