Lockdown definitely has its challenges. We have given up certain freedoms to help one another remain safe and in good health. Giving up meals in restaurants, family holidays, or even regular haircuts are but a few of the challenges faced. However, while all that stops, Waipuna Hospice doesn’t and neither does our need for donations so we can continue to support our patients.

While our care doesn’t stop, COVID-19 lockdown does have an impact on us. Unfortunately, we can no longer fundraise in person and our charity stores are closed which means our ability to raise money has been impacted. We need your support now more than ever, so we can continue to care for our patients and support their families, 24/7.

Please note: the total raised is updated at 2pm daily.


So, while you’re stuck at home and saving money on things you would normally be out enjoying, how about you donate those funds to the care and support of terminally ill patients in your community? The money you are saving on petrol while at home, could become the petrol our nurses need to visit our patients; your next round of cocktails out could fund a bed for a patient in pain, or your next family outing to the movies could help fund a counselling session for a mother of three who recently lost her husband.

Help us help our community, and donate your lockdown savings.  

The Give Up To Give Back Shop

Below are some items that you may have done without during lockdown, which can help raise crucial funds for the care of our patients and their whānau. Add one, or two, or four, items to your cart, and be the lockdown hero hospice needs.

Please note that donations over $5 may be tax deductible.